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Hold Your Nose and Vote for Hillary

Hold Your Nose and Vote for Hillary

Artwork by Abigail Goode

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As everyone knows, the presidential election is coming up in November. There has been a lot of talk about whom to elect – Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton – considering that they would both be a bad choice.
This year’s election has been labeled by some pundits as an embarrassment to our country and what people wish were one big satirical stunt. We’re not excited to say it, but, our safest bet as a whole for this country is Clinton even though she has a dishonest streak as evidenced by her e-mail tales and the fishy Clinton Foundation contributions..
Trump seems too easily ruffled to be a president. He can barely debate without letting his emotions get in the way. Trump not being a career politician is a good and bad thing. He is more trustworthy, but inexperience is risky.
Former Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders seems to have influenced both candidates in a positive way throughout the election. Trump’s inflammatory comments about Mexicans and women have declined. Clinton picked up on Sanders’ ideas about free college.
It seemed obvious that after the first debate between Trump and Clinton that Clinton had the upper hand. When it came down to aesthetics, demeanor and technique, Clinton was in her comfort zone. Trump was obviously nervous and unfamiliar with Clinton’s responses. However, Clinton had an obvious advantage. The mediator was from NBC, which is owned by left wing MSNBC.
Even though we don’t feel strongly about either candidate, we would go with Clinton. She’s not as honest as one would wish, but her undeniable experience in office and with international affairs is safer for the disastrous state of this country.

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Hold Your Nose and Vote for Hillary